Clare Hynes, born and raised in the UK is a British designer with a love of traveling and adventure that has taken her to South America, Australia, South East Asia, Ireland, China and most recently Manila in the Philippines.

She started her career as a graphic designer, but it was during that time that she started to discover her passion and talent for jewellery design, which has evolved as she gathered different ideas from the different countries, women and cultures she experienced along the way.

It is this exploration that underpins the Clare Hynes brand today. Through a partnership with GKonomics, Clare connected with a community of female artisans in Palanog, Tacloban – the city associated with the Typhoon Yolanda natural disaster in 2013 – and provides craft workshops to the Tacloban women who now help to produce her designs.

The concept of sustainable craftsmanship also runs through to the brand’s choice of materials. Clare is committed to using sustainable materials, and is excited to incorporate Piñatex (a vegan, plant-based material) into the bag designs in this collection. All the bags also incorporate elements of traditional Filipino craftsmanship.

At the heart of Clare’s inspiration for this debut collection is the beauty and creativity of The Philippines. A collection that embodies the spirit of tropical islands and a well-travelled women, pieces that can transport you to sunnier climes. So it’s no surprise that colour features a lot in her designs. From the beautiful orange and pink Meghan clutch bags to the pops of vibrant colour used in her statement earrings. Clare also uses lots silver and gold which adds a luxe feel to the collection along with the more sophisticated colours of navy blues and greens. All these colours compliment each other and the jewellery can easily be worn along side any one of the bags from the collecton.

She has also included indigenous fabrics in her collection, specifically T’nalak, a fabric handwoven by the T’boli people of lake Sebu, Mindanao, and Inabel, which is a fabric that’s hand woven on large antique wooden looms via a process called ‘Abel’ by the women of Illocos. Both these types of fabrics play an integral role in the cultures of the Filipino regions that they’re from. They also bring a beautiful and unique aesthetic to the collection

Clare is committed to using sustainable materials as well as supporting local artisans and creating sustainable livings for them and their communities, which is why every piece in this new collection is handcrafted, either by Clare herself or by a fellow artisan.

Every piece has a story. These are luxury pieces which are ethically made to combine contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship and social responsibility.



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